JTGE stands for Java Turn-based Games Engine : a framework written in java designed for turn-based games, which purpose is to provide tools to minimize the development and to facilitate the integration processes.

Typical games which can benefit from using the engine are :

  • Play By E-Mail games
  • Solo or networked strategy games
  • Hot-Seat games
  • Web games




The game engine provides the following components :

  • Data help to model the game state
  • Commands encapsulate game state interactions : modifications and updates
  • Handlers provide the skeleton of applications based on commands
  • Synchronization enables the different game mecanics to be composed
  • Computation handles commands chronology and access to typical game components such as turn clock and players list
  • Visibility are handlers to cope with commands interest management
  • Serialization implements specific handlers for network, database and file input/output
  • Security ensures no cheating can happen
  • Utilities gather different usefull components : random number generator, tile-based map support, etc..

Project properties

methodologyTDD, Design Patterns, UML
programming languageJava
coding conventionSun (modified ?)
environmentMaven, Eclipse and Sun J2SE 1.4.2
testingJUnit and EasyMock
drawing toolDIA
source documentation generationjavadoc
documentation formatMaven xdoc
source control managerCVS
distributiondownload zip and tgz
supportmailing list