Administratorspecial User (or Player) allowed administrative actions on the game state via specific Orders.Data
BarrierUnit which role is to bufferize received Flows and to release them as a single Flow once a specific condition is met.Synchronization
BufferComponent which role is to multiplex received Flows in order to release them as a single Flow when triggered.Synchronization
Chainchain of responsability with Units as links.Handlers
Chronologysequence of Phases defining the order of the manipulations happening during a Turn.Computation
Commandgeneric object exchanged between the Players and the Moderator.Commands
Commitspecial Command invloved in the Barrier mechanism.Synchronization
Componenteither Consumer or Handler object used to build Units.Handlers
Consumerobject receiving a Flow.Handlers
Contextroot of the game state graph and context of execution for Commands.Data
Datagame state object manipulated by CommandsData
Delayedproperty of Command indicating that it should be executed according to a Chronology.Computation
Entitygame state object.Data
ExecutorComponent which purpose is to apply a given Strategy to a Flow.Handlers
ErrorComponent which role is to report received Commands as errors.Handlers
Filterobject encapsulating a Command filtering algorithm.Handlers
Flowseveral Commands grouped together.Handlers
Grouplist of Players.Data
Handlerobject receiving a Flow, doing some treatments on the Commands it contains and forwarding one or several Flows to Consumers.Handlers
Identifierunique tag identifying all Data.Serialization
InputProducer deserializing Commands.Serialization
Instantproperty of a Command indicating that it is supposed to be executed as soon as possible.Computation
Multi-property of a Command indicating that it needs some other Commands to be executed.Computation
ModeratorUser representing the central authority administrating the game.Data, Classification
OrderCommand standing for a User action.Commands
OutputConsumer serializing Commands.Serialization
Phasestep in the progress of a Turn computation.Computation
PlayerUser playing the game.Data, Classification
Producerobject generating command Flows.Handlers
Referencereference to a Data containing only its Identifier.Serialization
Resolverobject able to retrieve Data based on their Identifiers.Serialization
ResultCommand standing for a game event report.Commands
Singleproperty of a Command indicating that it can be executed independently of any other Command.Computation
SortComponent sorting a Flow by applying a Sorter.Handlers
Sorterobject encapsulating a Command total order sorting algorithm.Handlers
Strategyobject encapsulating a treatment on a Flow.Handlers
SwitchComponent demultiplexing a Flow in several Flows by testing Commands against a list of Filters.Handlers
Turnan iteration of the game process.Computation
UnitHigh-level module, either Consumer or Producer, made of Components providing a specific game functionality.Commands
UpdateCommand standing for a game state update notification.Commands
Useractive Entity that can issue Orders.Data
Viewgame state filtered according to visibility rules.Visibility