This document describes the settings for the build tools : Maven and Eclipse.


The most usefull Maven goals (to be executed from root directory) are :

  • maven multiproject:goal -Dgoal=eclipse
    • create Eclipse project files (.project and .classpath) for all modules
  • maven multiproject:install
    • compile, test and build jar for all modules
  • maven multiproject:site
    • generate the documentation
  • maven site:deploy
    • deploy the generated documentation to the web site

For site deployement the following configuration file located in the user home directory can be used :

maven.username = user
maven.scp.executable = pscp
maven.ssh.executable = plink
maven.scp.args = -pw *******
maven.ssh.args = -pw *******

Note that under Windows the executables are overloaded in order to use PSCP and Plink from PuTTY instead of Cygwin.


Here is a list a valuable Eclipse plugins :

  • AnyEdit cleans files by removing trailling spaces upon saving.
  • JDepend4Eclipse provides JDepend metrics including a graph for all selected packages.
  • Eclipse Profiler Plugin allows simple and efficient profiling.
  • Commonclipse features automatic generation of toString(), hashcode(), equals(Object) and compareTo(Object).